Suits & Coats

When we talk about custom-made suits, the expression “100% hand-sewn” or “100% hand-made” is often used, but the definition of 100% is quite vague.

Some people say that even if a sewing machine is used, the suit is hand-sewn because it is operated by hand. Others say that as long as important parts such as sleeves and collars are hand sewn, it is still a 100% hand-sewn suit. However, we believe that is not true. If it is 100% hand-sewn, it should be hand-sewn entirely by hand with only a needle and thread.

Additionally, except for cotton, our suits are thoroughly ironed because we believe it leads to comfort and wearability. While this process has been omitted recently as it takes time, it is one of the most important processes for us.

We deal with three types of suits.

1) One-hundred percent hand-made: We don’t use a lock sewing machine for edge processing and sew the cotton pocket for trousers by hand. Although this takes time and might be inferior in durability, it offers excellent comfort. In fact, our customers are very satisfied, and we could be the only supplier in the world to do this.

2) Eighty percent hand-sewn: This method is combination of hand sewing and machine sewing. We use a sewing machine in situations where it is superior. This is the standard for “hand-made” in the world.

3) Thirty percent hand-sewn: This method is based on machine-sewn, and only important parts of the suits are hand-sewn such as the collar, shoulder seams. Even for this method, we measure and do the basting process.

You may choose among our lines of vintage textile stocks, or you may bring your own unique material or fabric to be custom-manufactured.