There are three main benefits to Bespoke shoes. Firstly, they are comfortable to wear because they are made according to the customer's specification. Secondly, high-quality leather is used, whereas mass produced shoes often use normal leather. Lastly, bespoke can feature edged sewing by master craftsmen.

However, with custom-made shoes, customers can’t know the exact shape until production is completed. This isn’t a problem with someone with a normal foot shape, but it can be a significant issue for someone with wide feet.

So, we have decided to make our original shoes by "RTM", using the fully bespoke process. We ask customers to select their favorite models and try on samples for the best fit. Based on the model and size selected, we make each pair of shoes with tiny adjustments in the full bespoke grade, using high-quality leather, which can’t be provided by mass production.

For the past 30 years, many young Japanese people have been going to the United Kingdom or Italy to learn the art of shoemaking. They bring a positive work ethic and a desire to improve and become masters of their craft. Some have their own workshops in Japan as well as Europe.

While their skills are excellent, unfortunately, many are less interested in traditional shapes and tend to produce shoes according to their own taste. While this is natural, as they seek to establish their style, it is difficult for us because we want to create traditional masterpieces.

We have decided to outsource some of our shoe production to craftsmen who can produce shoes according to our specifications and style. They don't have to put their originality into the shoes because they are producing for our brand, not their own. Fortunately, we have found some workshops that accept this agreement.  We currently offer seven types of shoes for customers to choose from, or they may bring their own selected shoe model to be made by us.
Of course, we make full bespoke shoe as well for customers who have good foot shape.