We are also in the business of ties. We provide hand-sewn ties, of which there are four characteristics including: two parts, no lining or no interlining, long hand rolled, and 7-14 pieghe (folds).

We stress the beauty of our hand rolling technique. The roll is done by very narrow width and pitch, and longer length. With a 7 pieghe tie, the folds end around the bar tack with many other brands. But our specification extends to around the knot decreasing gradually.

We use more material to fold many times and to extend the length of hand roll, so it takes more time and labor to make.  After you’ve seen and tried our ties, you will understand and feel the quality of workmanship.

Customers are very happy with our materials as well. We deal with three types.
1) Natural Jacquard Silk: The meaning of ‘natural’ is completely different from usual. In this case, natural means ‘wild’.  That’s right. We use the silk made from natural, not farmed silkworms. Of course, it takes a long time to collect enough raw silk, and the quality fluctuates. So, under the current manufacturing process, it can’t be permanently adopted. The natural material has a completely different feeling of quality. You won’t want to return to ties of the past, once you try one of ours.

2) Japanese Jacquard Silk: Hermes and Carlo Riva are famous for importing Japanese silk threat. They have done so until the late 1980’s. The quality of this silk is excellent, but many companies went bankrupt because of Japanese currency appreciation. Some of these companies are still in operation, so we are asking them to create unique textiles.

3) Vintage Printed Silk: It seems impossible to make printed silk as we can't revive the old-style manufacturing methods. But fortunately, we have those vintage materials.

You can choose materials from our stock, or you bring in your own material to be customized.