Tango245 is founded in Tokyo, Japan in 2018 as a vintage clothing company. We provide not only vintage clothing but also our original clothing items made from rare materials for customers who seek something rare and are not satisfied with current items.

We started to sell the vintage clothing items collected by the owner. However, concerns arose regarding the quality. The contemporary clothing items were getting worse due to the depletion of excellent materials, aging artisans, and the simplification of manufacturing methods etc.  It became apparent the difficulty of keeping in stock such masterpieces once sold out. So, we decided to launch our original items with rare materials and elaborate sewing directed by the owner.

The owner has been collecting precious materials for years, some of which are acquired during Japan's bubble economy in 1980's. People bought significant amounts of not only brand goods but also precious materials. For example, we have rare materials such as Carl Freudenberg's calf leather and vintage textiles of Carlo Riva etc.

We also have many talented teams of Japanese craftsmen. They are graduated from prestigious universities and mainly moved to work in England or Italy to become tailors or shoemakers before returning to Japan. As our reputation as a precious vintage shop in Japan attracts these skilled and talented people to our shop, we are regarded a kind of platform of Japanese young craftsmen. So, we can outsource the best person to manufacture our original items.

Combining rare and high- quality materials with talented craftsmen, we produce items that cannot be imitated anywhere else. Please click below the picture and have a look at our original items.