Casual Items

We provide the following casual items. We use specific materials and follow a through making process without cutting corners, for both our suits and shirts.

1) Coats: Using Limonta Nylon or Ventile Cotton and the zipper of riri, we provide with ultimate coats to our customers. We make each coat one by one, adjusting the length and sleeves to fit our customers' need. Additionally, customers can select the lining material from options ranging no lining to vicuna.

2) Jackets: We offer both rider’s jackets and safari jackets. Our rider’s jackets are designed for town use and are made with Limonta nylon or Ventile cotton, making them a little bit loose and long to match the below picture. While we love the traditional rider's jacket, we want to offer a lighter taste.

Our Safari jackets are made of linen without epaulettes or a belt, making them a perfect fit for summer travel.

In contrast, we also offer flashy Denim jackets made from vintage denim jacket, fur and silk art. The fur we use is in real, such as mink, and the silk art is Nishiji-Ori which is traditional Japanese silk. We developed a special cleaning system by water, which allows us to provide for clean real fur and silk even on used items. As per customer requests, we combine denim, leather, fur, and silk art as shown in the below pictures.
While many top brands have stopped using real fur, we believe that utilizing existing real fur as long as possible like this is one of the best solutions.

3) Jeans: Japanese denim is famous worldwide. Especially, Kojima of Okayama Pref. is kind of the sanctuary place of it. They can make them soft while having hardness. So, many Hi Brands use their denim. Having said that, the quality is still mixed. Not all Kojima denim is of high quality. As we are very familiar with the top-quality manufactures, our jeans use their top-quality denim from Kojima.

4.Pajamas: One third of our day is spent sleeping, so it would be beneficial to improve our sleep quality by wearing high-quality pajamas designed specifically for sleep. However, there are few crazy pajama designed specifically for sleep. Therefore, we provide original pajamas made from vintage silk, Irish linen, sea island cotton or cashmere with a through sewing process. If you wear our pajamas, you may want to change your bed or reform your bed room.